Peter ForbesPeter Forbes is a Canadian born artist residing and working in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Peter recently retired his long time business specializing in carving designs, logos as well as many other images on wine barrels. His unique work now adorns private wine cellars of collectors all over the world. The word has it though that he can still be influenced to pick up his chisels for the any commissions he feels are interesting and challenging. Peter also has grown quite a following for his unique three dimensional cabin signs that adorn many lakeside and oceanside cottages.

Now Peter is focussing on his paintings, mainly acrylic on canvas. The first showing of his work was at the tender age of seventeen with all his paintings being sold the first weekend. It took over thirty years since that show for Peter to pick up the brushes again. Although he knew he had some ability he was not convinced at that early age that he had anything important yet to say. It wasn’t until he returned from a sailing trip hundreds of miles offshore many years later that he felt it was finally time to pick up the brushes again. Since that time his inspiration has returned with the resolve and passion he knew lived inside him.

Peter’s philosophy is quite simple, put some paint on the canvas and see what unfolds. His work could be classed as more surrealistic than anything else but he feels he has no control over what the painting will look like when complete. He starts the engine and the canvas will do the driving.

Peter’s work on this site is all for sale and he will look into any commissions presented to him including paintings, cabin signs or anything else that might be interesting